Our Stories

At Renew Church, we believe God is always at work in the lives of His people. In His grace, He weaves our stories into His story of salvation through Jesus Christ for the world. 

Renew Stories

Our faith grows stronger as we reflect on God's faithfulness in our lives. Scripture says, "They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony." Your story has the power to impact someone else. As a community, we move forward by sharing stories of God's faithfulness.

Alan's Story

A Rebellious Heart Surrendered

In a moment of youthful rebellion, a young man stumbles upon a life-changing truth that leads him to a personal encounter with God and a transformed eternity.

Linda's Story

Faith Forged in the Fires of Adversity

A woman's courageous experience through a debilitating illness becomes a testament to the power of surrender and trust in God's plan.

Ross's Story

From Lost to Found

A journey from spiritual disconnection to a vibrant life of faith and service. Discover how a chance encounter at a church helped a man discover purpose and blessing through obedience to God's will.

A Child's Sincere Faith

A Story of Early Faith and Baptism

Amidst a difficult childhood, this story highlights how the faith of a child led them to an acceptance of Jesus Christ at just six years old, planting a seed that would blossom into a lifelong relationship with the Lord.

The Stanton Family's Story

A Journey of Faith and Community

Hayley and Luke Stanton share their journey of faith, marriage and parenting, starting from their involvement in Renew's beginnings to building a community centered around their family. 

The Burg Family's Story

Embracing Faith Through Fostering

Witness the transformative journey of the Burg family as they open their hearts and home to foster children, experiencing the power of faith, compassion and support along the way.

Marcia's Story

God's Grace in the Unexpected 

Despite a severe wrist injury, Marcia discovers the power of God's grace, enabling her to serve Renew and her community with love and resilience. 

Jeff's Story

Against All Odds

Jeff recounts the life-changing events of surviving a near-fatal accident, his challenging recovery and the unexpected blessings that came through perseverance and prayer.

What has God done in your life?

Have you experienced God's transformative power  in your own life? We would love to hear your story! Your story—regardless of how spectacular or ordinary you might think it is—is a glimpse into God's character and could inspire and encourage others on their own spiritual journeys. Share how you've experienced  the life-changing love and grace of God today.
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