At Renew Church Waco, we believe that outreach begins at the church’s doors and extends “to the ends of the earth”.  We also believe the greatest emphasis of our outreach should be closest to home.   With this approach in mind, Renew is thrilled and excited for the invitation to partner with Waco ISD in providing support for both students and staff through various campus relationship-focused opportunities.  Tennyson Middle School and Parkdale Elementary School lay at the heart of Renew’s neighborhood.  Renew Church partners specifically with both schools to offer intentional and purposeful outreach to the students through programs that provide a consistent presence, offering sound reasoning and the opportunity to speak words of wisdom, encouragement, and life.    

The Tennyson Middle School outreach programs consist of a Mentoring Program involving 6th through 8th grade students and the Partners On Duty (POD) Program.

The Parkdale Elementary School outreach programs consist of a Mentoring Program, limited to 5th grade only, and the STARS Book Clubs Program involving 2nd through 4th grade students.  

We also have volunteers who focus on blessing and praying for the teachers and staff in each school.