Peru Missions at Renew

For more than 20 years, we have been in a ministry partnership in Chincha, Peru. Viña Del Rey (Vineyard of the King) is located in Chincha, Peru and began in 1987 after Pastor Gerardo Guzman and his wife Persia quit their jobs and started a daycare program for children in their neighborhood. Because the children’s parents had to work, often they were left at home alone. Soon the daycare program turned into an elementary school and then a high school. Now there are three nationally accredited schools for first through twelfth grade students and four main churches associated with Viña Del Rey, along with numerous satellite churches and neighborhood bible studies. A couple of Pastor Gerardo’s children also began Cup of Milk Ministry, which provides weekly meals to children who might not have steady access to three meals a day.
Senior Pastor Wayne Williams’ connection with Peru began in 2000 when he spoke at a conference in Lima, Peru and met Pastor Gerardo Guzman. Wayne returned the next year with a group from his church in Kentucky. He has been returning to Peru yearly since that time. In 2020, Wayne and Vina Del Rey celebrated 20 years of friendship, partnership, and the milestone of 1000 people having joined Wayne over the years in traveling to Chincha.  
Renew Church Waco partners with Vina Del Rey through annual or semi-annual mission trips to offer assistance and aid through various ministries.  These ministries include Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics, Optical Clinics, Construction Teams as well as English Language instruction.